Prevention Playbook

Proactive Prevention through Advanced Analysis and Early Screening with Our Prevention Playbook for a Long, Healthy Life!

Prevention Playbook starts with a thorough analysis of patient's health data — demographics characteristics and procedural history. Unlike our Prognostics methods, our Prevention Playbook focuses on early screenings to make sure issues are detected before it can be predetermined by risk factors. It's a straightforward yet powerful approach to ensuring the patient's well-being.

How it Works

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We put together knowledge from world-known sources to make preventative care come-at-able and widespread.

kyla analyze

We analyze patient's information, demographics characteristics, current observations and history of procedures and labs performed.

suggested list of actions

Unlike our Prognostics Engine, Prevention Playbook concentrates not on current risk factors, but on suggesting providers to consider early screening of disease before it can be predetermined by risk factors based on predefined rules and our specialists' experience. Among other things, it also provides valuable information regarding routine prenatal care and preventative screenings in children.

Benefits for Providers

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Imagine a tool that seamlessly combines the wealth of preventative literature and the collective experience of fellow doctors into a single, accessible platform.

With our Prevention Playbook, providers gain a comprehensive resource that analyzes patient information, current observations, and procedural history. It goes beyond the conventional approach by integrating preventative literature and the invaluable experiences of other doctors.

This means you have a consolidated repository of knowledge at your fingertips, enabling you to make informed decisions and provide proactive, personalized care to your patients.

Moreover, you can apply your own rules to the patient's evidence!

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