Kyla Perfect Appointment

Enable your EHR with the Power of Kyla Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS)

AI - Powered Appointment

Introducing our revolutionary new EHR plugin designed to streamline your workflow and improve patient outcomes. No more tedious tab-switching with efficient, data-driven decision making at your fingertips.

Our AI-powered technology not only streamlines your workflow but also provides personalized longevity recommendations and advanced anti-aging treatments to help your patients live their best lives.
Anti-Aging Recommendation

Benefits for Providers


A world-class workflow for medical appointments for efficient charting.

AI Recommendations

AI powered recommendations for diagnosis, prognosis, treatments and more!

AI Brain

Explainable AI: No black boxes, our AI recommendations are 100% traceable.

EHR Benefits

Keep your EHR, just install one of our Kyla EHR Plugins and enjoy the benefits.

Easy to use

Low commitment: Kyla EHR Plugins are fully integrated, easy to uninstall.

How It Works

Our EHR plugin integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, allowing you to easily access patient data and make informed decisions about their treatment options. Our AI diagnostic tool analyzes patient data to provide personalized recommendations based on the latest medical research. With our advanced treatment options and longevity recommendations, go beyond the current conditions and help your patients achieve optimal health and wellness.

Discover how our EHR plugin puts real-time actionable insights into providers' hands. From triage to treatment, our AI diagnostics and personalized recommendations ensure that you're always making informed decisions about your patients' care. Take control of your practice and experience the future of healthcare with Kyla.

Treatment plans

Clear and Present Illness

Our plugin provides a custom-tailored appointment flow for providers. Medical History, Triage, and an AI-guided Patient interview process ensure that providers gain a clear view of the patient from the outset.

And that's all it takes to get started. When the provider has enough information to get started with their work, so does Kyla. Its advanced systems provide you a list of recommendations for diagnoses alongside the patients most prominent health risks. All AI-recommendations are expandable, presenting the provider with reasons for or against the diagnosis, as well as, suggesting further actions to help confirm or reject it.
Anti-Aging Program

Assistance and Freedom

Kyla won't prevent you from practicing medicine the way you've done in the past, because you are never locked into the provided recommendations. Use our AI-generated recommendations the way you want and the way you need. Quickly assign a recommendation or select your own ICD as a diagnosis or differential diagnosis; accept, reject, or add your own custom to-dos or anti-aging goals; add suggested labs, rapid tests and procedures, or ignore Kyla's suggestion and add your own. Kyla is here to help you and make sure providers stay in control.

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