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Answer a few questions and Kyla's AI health engine will analyze your long-term health risks and recommend the optimal lab test for you.

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Track results over time and see AI-driven recommendations to improve

See up to 14 Biomarkers and Get Valuable Insights from Kyla AI's Risk Analysis

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From 8 to 14 Biomarkers from the comfort of your home.

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Unlock your age potential

We put science first to deliver clinically proven primary care that reduces the impact of time on health.

Kyla puts the future at your fingertips with:
Timed Medication

Anti-Aging Treatment

Kyla reduces the impact of time on health with medications, supplements, and personalized nutrition that lets you change your relationship with aging.

AI Brain

AI Analytics

Kyla's AI ensures accurate diagnoses, predicts future health issues, and empowers you to prevent future illnesses.

MyLife Info
Advanced Testing

Advanced Testing

Remote diagnostics allow you to complete all major blood work from the comfort of your home. All it takes it a simple finger poke and a few drops of blood.

Personal Goals

Personal Goals

Kyla and your doctor will set personalized goals for nutrition, exercise, wellness, and medical care. Achieve better health and prevent illnesses like heart disease.

Explore Our Available Tests

Get medical-grade lab work right at your fingertips with the Kyla Card! Our at-home lab panels provide accurate analysis of hard-to-get data points like HbA1C, Testosterone, and Comprehensive Metabolic Panels. Start by downloading the Kyla App or check out our tests below. Insurance coverage is possible for California residents.

**We do not currently ship outside of the US. We also do not currently ship to AZ, NV, NY, NJ, and RI.

Affordable Care for Everyone

Kyla works with most insurance plans.

We accept all major PPO and Medicare plans.

Anthem Blue Cross
Blue Cross Blue Cross
Blue Shield of California
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Stanford Health Care Advantage
United Healthcare

How It Works

Test at Home or in a Clinic

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Discover personalized recommendations tailored to your unique needs with Kyla AI's robust healthcare data portfolio. Uncover patterns and trends that human providers may miss.


Go to a Nearby Clinic or Order a Kyla Card to your Home

Save time and stay up to date with Kyla. Connect your health data from various apps and records effortlessly to create a comprehensive dataset instantly.

Apple Health

Epic MyChart

23&Me DNA

Any lab work


Plan and Review Tests with a Doctor

Our AI technology reduces healthcare costs by providing personalized and efficient care. Patients receive better care at a lower cost, while healthcare providers improve their bottom line.

Make a Plan to Improve

Estimate Maximum Lifetime

By analyzing your vitals, medical history, lab results, and DNA, Kyla provides valuable education about your body health and uncovers your biggest health risks. Take control of your well-being while living the life you love.


Reveal Health Threats

Discover and prioritize your health risks with our AI technology. Focus on reducing the biggest threats to your well-being.


Unlock Health Score

Kyla offers a health report and score, similar to how banks provide credit reports. Health scores compare overall and specific body systems to others, giving a better understanding of your body's condition. Unlike comparing to your biological age, Kyla's approach scores each system separately for more accuracy and actionability.

Track Progress and Improvements

Start Personalized Goals

Our AI technology analyzes patient data, clinical trials, and FDA recommendations to uncover valuable insights and patterns. Discover unknown information and receive accurate diagnoses and personalized health goals to mitigate your biggest risks.


Get Clear Daily Actions

Our AI technology simplifies healthcare providers' work and reduces administrative tasks, allowing them to prioritize patient care. No more paperwork distractions!


Check-in with AI

Track your health score effortlessly with our advanced AI. Get real-time updates based on your daily check-ins and responses.