Business Intelligence

Our advanced BI allows us to track the efficiency of Appointment Flow, optimize doctors work by catching outliers and potential missing opportunities in data and improve patient experience respectively.

This BI dashboard has seven sub-reports

Summary Overview

1. Summary

Summary combines all key metrics from the Appointment Flow.
Sub-report tabs

This sub-report has two more additional tabs:

1. How to use & description of every metric (opens when BI system user clicks on "Question Mark" button):

2. Insights (opens when BI system user clicks on "Exclamation Mark" button)
Patient History and Triage graph

2. Patients History & Triage

Observations, hpi, RoS graph

3. Observations & HPI/RoS/Physical Exam

Diagnostics graph

4. Diagnostics

the most interesting one which allows us to see how often providers select AI-recommended diagnoses and what are most common diagnoses added manually. Includes potential missing opportunities section as well.
Treatment plan graph

5. Treatment Plan

allows to see how often doctors change something in a treatment plan suggested and what are most common rule engine recommendations are being followed:
Anti-Aging graph

6. Anti-Aging

allows you to see some Anti-Aging section dynamics:
Chart Generation graph

7. Chart Generation

allows you to see how much follow-ups are being scheduled, what's the % of locked notes (important for billing) etc.

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