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Current health-related technology is incredible – it has the ability to treat and cure diseases today that people would have died from years ago. And the list of diseases we can now treat with technology is growing every year. Human lifespans continue to increase, but what is the limit? If we can reach longevity escape […]

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If You Want to Know How To Get Big Vitamin D Energy, Start with a No-Cost Health Assessment From Kyla!

One of the most important vitamins isn’t really a vitamin at all. We get most of our vitamins from the food that we eat. While Vitamin D can be found in eggs, fatty fish, and fortified foods like whole milk, most people get it courtesy of that giant ball of fire in the sky. That’s […]

February 28, 2024


Unexplained Weight Gain and Tiredness? Kyla’s Female Hormone Panel Helps Solve the Riddle!

Hormones get a bad rap. You might blame sudden hormonal changes for feeling irritable. Maybe you hold hormones responsible for your sob fest while binging TV teen dramas and rom coms . Of course, you don’t want to hear someone else blame your behavior on hormones. After all, they aren’t in control. You are. Still, […]

February 22, 2024


Learn How to Change Your Metabolism: Get a Low-Cost Male Hormone Panel from Kyla

Have you lost the pep in your step? Has your get-up-and-go, got up and went? Maybe your energy just isn’t what it used to be. Perhaps you’ve gained weight and are having trouble sleeping. You might have heard about something called “male menopause.” Maybe you’re worried it’s an inevitable component of growing older. It isn’t. […]

February 15, 2024


Mexican Breakfast Burger

By Maria Fernanda Lopez Reviewed by Rae Mueller, RDN Kyla Health A low fat, high protein breakfast (or lunch/dinner) that will keep you full and nourished! This recipe is easy to make, using extra lean ground turkey, taco seasoning and low calorie whole wheat burger buns. You’ll be getting 41 grams of protein in one […]

February 8, 2024


Exhausted and Foggy? It Could Be Your Thyroid. Here’s How a TSH Test Will Tell You the Truth

If you enjoy cooking, you know how different a dish can taste based on minor variations. Extra salt or sweetness can radically change the flavor for good or bad. Health and disease display similar patterns. In your body – behind the scenes – many ingredients interact to keep you sharp, energized, and strong. To preserve […]

January 25, 2024


Could a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Recharge Your Energy Levels?

How do you picture your weekends 20 years from now? Hiking, playing pickleball with your grandchildren, or devoting yourself to a passion project you’ve cherished since childhood? All these are attractive alternatives. However, your ability to enjoy them will depend 100% on your health when these two decades pass. So, the real question is, what […]

January 23, 2024


Your Cholesterol Levels Are Whispering Secrets: Here’s Why You Need A Lipid Panel

You sneak into the kitchen at 10 pm. You shouldn’t be there, and you know it, but a tempting voice inside your head suggests you should check the fridge to “see what’s in there.” You’re not a bad person. You devour salad (once a week) and exercise (when you feel like it.) After every forbidden […]

January 18, 2024