Going to the Doctor? You are doing it wrong!

If your doctor is always available within minutes, checks in with you daily,  monitors all of your data from your apps / devices every second, creates a to do list of all the things you need to address to maximize your longevity, you can stop reading now. 

Let’s start with the bad news.

We are doing it wrong. Most of us see a doctor once a year or less. At best, if your doctor really cares, you will get some high level advice. Eat healthier, exercise more. In short, you are all on your own when it comes to optimizing your health for longevity. 

A fundamental problem is that you don’t chose doctors based on how long their patients live, on average. You chose doctors based on proximity, online reviews or worse, whatever your insurance company selected for you. The result, Americans spend almost twice more per citizen on healthcare than any other nation and our life expectancy is … 64th in the world. A few dozen of second and third world countries are ahead of us on that list. 

The good news? Kyla is finally here. Get the Kyla app!

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You need Kyla AI
None of this is solved without AI. There is a thing called the doctor – patient gap, and it’s growing quickly. We are short on doctors and it’s getting worse. On top of that, we generate more data every day, so we can’t rely on doctors to address or even review it all. In fact, doctors can’t even keep up with all the new information that is coming out in their specialty. How in the world are they going to be able to keep up with data on their thousands of patients? AI solves these issues.

First, Kyla can handle 99% of repetitive tasks that doctors do everyday. Like registration, vitals collection, asking diagnostic questions, coming up with a diagnosis, coming up with a treatment plan and following up until you feel better. All a doctor has to do is review what Kyla determined and agree that it is the correct course of action. The best part, AI can enhance your doctors capabilities, resulting in a much more precise and accurate healthcare

Constant Monitoring
As we age, we accumulate damage. Once enough damage accumulates, we develop chronic illnesses which compound and accelerate aging. That’s when most people start to visit the doctors more frequently, a little too late in most cases. Think about this, people living in less healthy zip codes live 17 years less, on average. That’s a lot of years. 

The main issue is that you get drowned every single day with commercials ranging from cigarets to unhealthy foods. McDonalds…I’m loving it. Your doctor… will see you in a year and tell you to eat healthy and exercise more. That is the recipe for success? Not really. Kyla solves this issue by engaging you daily.

Kyla gets to know you personally, educates you on important topics such as nutrition, exercise, mental health, sleep and much more. The system makes building healthy habits easy and actionable. Like giving you a shopping list designed to extend your life expectancy. Then, Kyla uses goals to keep you on track. The best part, you know how much you are adding to your projected life expectancy with every action you take. 

Imagine having the peace of mind that the worlds most advanced healthcare AI, backed by a team of doctors, is working 24/7 to make sure you stay healthy and live as long as possible. 

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Personalized Medicine 
With thousands of patients to care for, your doctor simply doesn’t have the time to get to know you. So, things go unaddressed until you get really sick. Then illnesses are treated by random pills until the right combination of drugs is found, commonly referred to as ‘shit against the wall pharmacology’. Not healthy or safe, lots of side effects.

When I asked one of my physicians about safety of a particular drug, he told me. “Well… it’s FDA approved but all that means is that we gave it to 600 people and none of them died right away.” Don’t get me wrong, Doctors and pharma are doing the best with the tools they have, we need better tools. 

Kyla gets to know your health intimately. The system combines your medical, genetic, IoT device data (cellphones, smart watches, etc.) and lifestyle data to create the optimal healthcare journey for you. I’m not just talking about nutrition and exercise. Injury and death from prescription errors is all too common.  This doesn’t even account for suboptimal prescriptions, ones that erode your health overtime.

Kyla is being built with your safety in mind. The system screens prescriptions against other medications you are taking, your allergies and your pharmacogenomics profile (your genetic response to drugs). Our goal is to select the medication that is optimized to you personally – no more guessing – to help you live as healthy and as long as possible. 

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Let’s address the elephant in the room. How much does all of this cost? Well, Kyla AI and doctor consultations are free of charge. 

Most of the work the doctor has to do is handled by AI and the doctor only has to review the information, minimizing time spent per patient. We don’t have big buildings to pay for, reception staff, billing departments, etc. What little cost exists for the doctors time can easily be subsidized by targeted advertising.

Imagine getting ads that are actually useful to you and your longevity, latest innovations that are relevant to your health. New medications that match your genetic code better, food to help you naturally manage diabetes / cholesterol, breakthroughs in research on your chronic conditions, etc.

The best part, your privacy will be intact. All that advertisers will be able to see is that the ad was shown to X people in San Diego who have diabetes. 

Anything outside of the Kyla platform does have a cost. For example, if we prescribe a medication, you would pay the pharmacy. If you decide to sequence your genome, you would pay the vendor. We do our best to source the most cost effective vendors and try to minimize the cost to you. Our goal is to make high quality healthcare ubiquitous. 

The End?
There are many topics in this blog that I will  do a deep dive on in subsequent blogs.  Longevity can be a fascinating subject. Exponential growth of medical technology leading to drastic lifetime extension, don’t think 200… think 70,000 years.

Liquid Biopsy to catch most cancers in stage 1.

Keto to bio-hack yourself to live 25% longer.

Cryonics and reverse cryonics timeline to freeze and defrost yourself in  order to avoid certain death.

There is so much to share and discuss. Would love to hear what you are most interested in. All of this is already or will soon be part of Kyla offering. 

To Infinity and Beyond…. 

About the Author

Garick Hismatullin, CEO
Action Urgent Care, Action Health Clinics, Telecure, Kyla. 

Garick is a healthcare executive who cofounded of multiple medical organizations. In total, his companies have treated close to half a million people, so far. Over the past six years he has been working with teams of doctors and engineers to create an optimal health care solution for everybody.

The solution he is building is not designed to only treat you when you’re sick. The goal is to prevent you from getting sick in the first place, and most importantly increase your longevity. In this blog he covered topics that he will expand on in subsequent blogs and provide more detail and insight. 

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