Top Food Brands that Help You Live Longer

January 1, 1970

Realistically, most of us are not going to be able to cook every meal from scratch and always have homemade snacks on hand. Cooking for yourself is one way to be sure you’re following a healthy diet, but pre-packaged snacks and meals are an easy and less time-consuming option. Thankfully, more brands have made it a point to create food products that are healthier than your typical pre-packaged snacks. There are several food brands that focus on making products with organic ingredients that are lower than average in added sugar, sodium, fats, and artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. 

Pre-made, packaged foods are convenient because you know they won’t spoil right away and they’re usually pretty tasty. But one of the reasons why they have these properties is because they are made with artificial preservatives and flavors. Plus, a lot of these types of foods are very processed and don’t contain all of the vitamins and minerals you would find in foods made from whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. Even some so-called “healthy foods” like plant-based meat alternatives, granola, and vegan yogurt are actually not that healthy when you read the nutrition label.

It’s good to get into the habit of reading the nutrition label of prepared foods before you buy them. That can be a little time consuming, so consider this a cheat sheet of some of the brands you can look for first. Let’s get into it!

The Best Healthy Food Brands


These Icelandic-style yogurt products are made with real, simple ingredients. They do not contain artificial sweeteners and are low in sugar (about 5 to 11 grams per serving). Siggi’s also makes some non-dairy yogurt products that are coconut-based. Their non-dairy products are higher in protein than many other non-dairy yogurt alternatives; Siggi’s products contain as much as 11 grams of protein! 

Halo Top 

Halo Top has collections of dairy, keto, and dairy-free ice creams. This ice cream is known for being much lighter in calories (only 280-380 per pint), sugar, and fat and higher in protein than the average ice cream. But it tastes just as good as higher-calorie ice creams!

Dave’s Killer Bread 

Dave’s products are made from organic whole grains. These breads are high in fiber and have no ultra-processed additives or high fructose corn syrup, unlike a lot of other store-bought breads. Dave’s Killer Bread makes sandwich bread, thin-sliced bread, bagels, English muffins, and burger buns.


Banza makes several different shapes of pasta, mac & cheese, rice, and even pizza! Instead of making these foods from refined wheat flour, Banza uses chickpea flour to make foods that are higher in protein and fiber and lower in carbohydrates.


Kashi cereals, bars, and entrees are made from whole grains and wholesome ingredients. Kashi products use a lot of organic ingredients. They are usually high in plant-based protein and low in sugar.


Most well-known for KIND bars, KIND also makes granola clusters, fruit snacks, and chocolate bark. Their snacks are made with clean ingredients and are low in sugar. KIND protein bars are made with protein from nuts, peanut butter, and soy and don’t contain any of the artificial flavors and preservatives found in most protein bars. 


Beanitos makes foods such as chips, cheese curls, and cinnamon twists, that are made mostly from beans! So, these foods are high in protein and fiber. They use simple ingredients and their products do not contain any gluten, corn, or GMOS.

Perfect Snacks 

What’s not to love about healthy chocolate peanut butter cups! Perfect Snacks are also well known for their whole food protein bars made from organic nut butters and other simple ingredients. They really are a perfect, healthier dessert.


These microwave popcorn bags and pretzels are organic and free from chemicals and plastic found in most microwaveable popcorn bags.

Kite Hill 

Kite Hill makes plant-based yogurts, cheeses, milks, and more dairy alternatives. These “dairy” products are made from non-GMO almonds and other whole, simple ingredients. The textures and flavors are just as good as those of real dairy products because Kite Hill uses traditional cheese-making techniques.

Hilary’s Burgers 

Hilary’s Burgers are allergen-friendly veggie burgers made from ingredients like sweet potato and greens. These veggie burgers contain none of the 12 most common food allergens. The burgers are high in fiber and protein and are a good source of whole grains.

Dr. Praeger’s Veggie Burgers 

Dr. Praeger’s makes a variety of different types of plant-based proteins. These products are made from simple ingredients. And they are free from GMOs, gluten, and are completely vegan.


Sparkling water is an excellent alternative to sugary sodas and flavored drinks. Spindrift is made with real fruit juice and contains only one gram of sugar. It is made without added sugars and artificial sweeteners and flavors. 

Health Valley 

Health Valley has a delicious collection of no-salt-added soups. Most canned soups are very high in sodium, but several of Health Valley’s soups are certified by the American Heart Association as suitable for a low-sodium diet.


Amy’s makes canned soups, frozen entrees, pizzas, wraps, snacks, and so much more! All Amy’s foods are organic and many of their products are vegan and gluten-free. Amy’s foods are made with simple, clean ingredients and are very healthy!


“Love” spelled backwards, Evol makes food using simple ingredients. Their products include single-serve frozen entrees and complete meals. Everything is made without antibiotics, artificial colors, and artificial flavors. 

Pacific Foods 

This brand makes delicious organic soups, broths, meals, and plant-based drinks! Each product is made with simple ingredients that are sustainably and locally sourced.

Crazy Richard’s 

The healthiest nut butters are those made with just one ingredient, and that’s what Crazy Richard’s does. Their peanut butter is made with only peanuts, and no added sugars, oils, or other ingredients. They also make powdered peanut butter, which is just as pure as their regular peanut butter.

Siete Foods 

Siete Foods makes delicious and healthy Mexican food. Their products are free from grains, dairy, and gluten. Siete Foods products, including tortillas, tortilla chips, sauces, and sweets, are also free from preservatives.

Primal Kitchen 

This company focuses on using simple ingredients to make healthier pantry staples. Some of its products include condiments, protein bars, and protein powders. Most of its products contain no dairy, gluten, grains, or refined sugar.

Navitas Organics 

Navitas Organics sources ethically grown superfoods to make snacks, superfood powders, drinks, and more. Many of its products are gluten-free, keto-friendly, paleo, and vegan.

Have you tried any of these yet? These brands make healthy, organic, often vegan and gluten-free foods from simple ingredients. It’s always a good idea to read the nutrition label before buying prepared foods – and on these nutrition labels you’ll see ingredients you recognize and that will be good for your health.

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