Biden to pause free at-home rapid COVID tests

September 3, 2022

With free government testing going away, Kyla’s free testing is still here! Kyla is stepping in to help schools, private enterprises, public organizations, and anyone in between with getting free testing.

Beginning Friday, September 2nd, the Biden Admin will no longer be providing free at-home rapid antigen COVID tests to U.S. households. Fortunately, Kyla is here to help. 

At Kyla, we are able to provide free, gold standard RT-PCR testing for all individuals. This includes our mail-in kits, on-site testing and in our Action Urgent Care clinics. Through the use of RT-PCR testing, we are able to provide accurate and reliable results within 24 hours through our Kyla App. 

Since the start of the pandemic, Kyla has assisted schools, businesses and municipalities throughout California with free COVID testing.

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