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Kyla helps you put a plan in place using weekly testing and outbreak management.

  • “On-Site COVID Testing for Your Employees”
  • “Vaccination Tracking”
  • “Daily Employee Symptom Check”
  • Contact Tracing Through App if any Employee Tests Positive
  • Employer Access to Kyla Dashboard and Resources
  • Employee Access to Kyla App
Outbreak Prevention is "When", not "If"
Kyla helps you put a plan in place using weekly testing and outbreak management. Based on over 1,000,000 employee results so far, 75% of testing employers have found a positive COVID-19 test.
The Importance of Weekly Testing
An infected individual is contagious three days after the moment of infection, but it may take up to 12 days to show any symptoms. 25% of infected individuals never show symptoms.
Kyla Mobile App
Our convenient way for employees to input daily symptoms, increases workforce compliance while improving worker health.
Real Time Dashboard
Know the health status of your workforce at all times. Our powerful reporting tools empower users in multi-client environments by making data accessible and actionable.
On-Site Testing
Our trained nurses set up drive-thru testing for your company in your own parking lot with the potential to test 3000 employees per van per day.
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No-cost COVID-19 tests. 1 Hour PCR Results.
per employee per month
Employee App
  • QR Testing Passport (under 1 min per test)
  • Test Results Delivered in App
  • Vaccination Tracking and Alerts
  • Daily Symptom and Vitals Monitoring
  • Contact Tracing
  • Access to Medical Treatment
  • Access to Wellness Program
Real-time Employer Dashboard
  • Tracking of Test Results

  • Tracking of Vaccination Status

  • Tracking of Symptom Status

  • Contact Tracing Results

  • Alerts of Major Events

  • Create Departments/Locations

  • Reporting and Analytics

Test Pricing
  • All tests are billable to insurance.

Select Test Frequency
  • Monthly

  • 2x per Month

  • Weekly

  • 2x per Week (for qualified employers)

Outbreak Prevention
  • Emergency, on-site testing is available upon 12h-24h request

  • $1,000 per trip

Kyla can bill PPO, HMO, Kaiser, Medicare, Medi-Cal, ESSR, and more. Self-pay options are available upon request.
Self-pay Options are available upon request.
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NOTE: Kyla only uses FDA, EUA and/or LDT approved tests.
for 250 to 10,000+ employees
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  • Everything in Standard Package Plus...

  • Custom Packages for Enterprise-Level Customers

  • Potential to Test 3000 per Van per Day

  • Medical Director Reviews Your Protocols

  • Outbreak Preparation

  • Access Control Nurse Onsite Staffing

  • Access Control Integration

  • Dedicated Kyla Account Executive

  • Dedicated Kyla Expert Support

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How can we help you?

Kyla provides services to all types of businesses. Our clients range from pre-schools to large manufacturing facilities to corporate offices.

There is no size limit for enrolling with Kyla. However, we require at least 15 to 20 employees to send a nurse to your facility for weekly testing.

  1. Sign up on the website.
  2. Go through a step-by-step walkthrough for getting the office and employees ready - everything from legal to compliance.
  3. Invite employees to download the app and join the platform.
  4. Across your entire workforce, track abnormal symptoms and COVID tests. If any results are positive, all contacts are traced and tested and a return date after COVID illness is projected.

  1. Employer sends the employee an email with an invite to download the Kyla app.
  2. Employee downloads the app and registers.
  3. Kyla educates employee on COVID safety and the importance of safety and reassures employee that going back to work is OK with proper precautions being taken.
  4. Eligible employees do a COVID test at the frequency determined by the employer. Our medical director recommends weekly testing.
  5. Prior to work each day, every employee is alerted through the app to report any symptoms they may be experiencing.
  6. If symptoms are present, the employee gets a doctor consult right from the app.
  7. If the doctor suspects COVID, they refer employee for COVID testing.
  8. If the employee's test is positive, the doctor treats the employee. Also, the app does contract tracing and notifies possibly infected employees to get tested.
  9. The doctor clears employee when it is safe for them to return to work.

Employers will only be able to see the employee's status on certain data points such as: COVID-19 infection status, cleared for work status, normal/abnormal symptom status, contact tracing status, COVID-19 education status, and information provided by an employee to determine the risk level for COVID-19 exposure. No other medical information will be released to the employer.

$225  (Mobile Nurse Collection + COVID-19 Test)

California labs are backed up for weeks. However, Kyla utilizes its own labs and typically has results within 24 hours.

Kyla is currently in California only but pre-enrolling employers in other regions.

The contract is month-to-month. You pay at the start of the month for the number of “seats” you are purchasing for your employees.

Yes. English and Spanish.

You can email us at

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